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Advanced Beauty Clinic is founded by Helena Benson over 20 years ago. Dr Benson has worked in Medical aesthetics in London since qualifying as a medical doctor from Moscow Medical Academy 1986. Also working with natural medicines she still believes that Natural Beauty comes from within” but sadly time still takes it’s toll.

Advanced Beauty Clinic offers different solutions to tackle stubborn wrinkles, sagging skin and and aims to improve facial and body contouring.

Wrinkle fillers, anti frowning injections, skin rejuvenation and localised fat reduction are all extremely popular. Often they used as a first choice instead of going through invasive surgery. Antiageing treatments are commonly called “lunch time cosmetics” because most of them can be done within half an hour and require minimum downtime.

Would’t it be amazing to look in the reflection of your mirror and see yourself the way you looked 10 years ago? Looking your best is about confidence and your self esteem and this can be instantly noticed by others. As Oscar Wild once said “ It’s only shallow people who don’t judge by the first impressions”.

If looking younger makes you feel better, then why not to invest into Beautiful You? Talk to us, book your free consultation with Helena Benson and Make Your Beauty Flower Longer!

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