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Advanced Beauty

Who We Are?

Dr Helena Benson studied medicine at a leading university in Moscow, she graduated in 1986. Soon after her graduation she moved to England where she opened her clinic in North London specialising in medical aesthetics and naturopathic medicine. Among various anti-ageing treatments for facial and body rejuvenation she specialises in dermal fillers, anti-frowning injections, skin tightening procedures and microblading. 

In the last few years Dr Helena Benson was a regular guest on a radio station in Spain for “Spectrum FM” and worked in Marbella. 


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Dr Benson also participated in a few TV programs in the UK including Sky 203 where she was talking about the advantages of Semi-permanent Makeup and her permanent Makeup training school in London, established in 2004. Helena exhibits regularly at various beauty shows across UK and Europe.

                      Make your beauty flower longer
Dermal fillers, Anti-frowning injections and skin peels may be the best alternative to invasive surgery. Becoming increasingly popular these treatments (know as lunchtime cosmetics) can become part of your grooming routine, like going to a hairdresser, doing your nails, or even buying new clothes.

Fixing lines on your face, may not necessarily fix your life. But wouldn’t it be nice to look into a mirror and see yourself looking back, as you were 10 years ago? A desire to improve your appearance is not about vanity. It’s about confidence and self-esteem. If looking good makes you feel better, then why not invest in Beautiful You?

Meet our team


Helena Benson

Senior Practitioner 
Over 40 years of Aesthetic Medicine experience

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Jamie Benson

Aesthetic Practitioner