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Aqualyx FAT Reduction

Injections for Fat Reduction – from £250

Lipodisolving injections containing phosphatidylcholine (PPC), or deoxycholic acid (aqualyx) are used for body biosculpturing. They can dissolve excessive localised fat deposits around the waist, hips, belly, and under the chin. Lipolysis is suitable for patients with fat deposits which cannot be reduced by change of nutritional habits or increased exercise.

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However, lipodisolving injections are not suitable for general weight loss; rather they help to modify body contours. The effect of lipolysis must not be compared with liposuction, a surgical method for permanently removing unwanted fat. Lipolysis requires 2-4 sessions spaced 8 weeks apart.

Once injected into fat, Aqualyx irritates the membrane of the fat cells where it is injected, and caused them to burst open. The product only affects the fat cells. In response to the damaged membranes, death receptors in the cells are activated. The dead cells are then eliminated through the liver.

The whole process takes 10 days from the day of the injection. However, the drug itself is eliminated from the body within 72 hours. First results are visible after two treatments.