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Collagen Injections

Collagen Injections – from £200

Collagen stimulating treatments offer the potential of regenerative lifting and volume restoration, allowing us to create a far more naturalistic appearance. It is one of the best treatments fro ageing skin. The results are so impressive, no one will notice that ‘work has been done: rather they will think someone looks progressively better over a period of months. The results lasts for about 12 months* or even longer.

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The resulting appearance of wrinkles due to the loss of our natural collagen can be mitigated by replenishing it.This can now be achieved through treatment with Nithya Injectable Collagen.

Nithya Injectable Collagen is a product designed for the regeneration and reconstruction of tissues. This product has been used for almost 30 years and is still successfully used today to affect the healing of skin ulcers, open wounds, scars and bedsores.

With no reported side effects, is hypo-allergenic and gives excellent results. Used  in  combination  with lidocaine, this procedure  is virtually  painless. 3 treatments spaced at 1 month* intervals are usually required to achieve best results