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Radiesse Filler For Facial Counturing – from £400

Radiesse is a filler made from Calcium Hydroxyapatite which lasts up to 1.5 years*. It is particularly effective in treating the deeper lines and creases such as the Naso-Labial Folds.

It helps to correct contours of the chin and the jaw line and create profound cheekbones for a younger look. Radiesse is also used for hands rejuvenation.
The main ingredient in the gel is calcium, the prime mineral constituent of bones and teeth, which has been used in medicine for the last 20 years*. 

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Once injected in to the skin, it stimulates the local production to recreate a youthful look and reduce the effect of ageing and gravity The results of the treatment are visable immediately and are truly amazing.

Radiesse has been successfully used on nearly million people worldwide. It is becoming a dermal filler of preference because it delivers such a long lasting results.

Each syringe contains 1.5ml of the product, twice as much as the syringe of Juvederm.