Helena Benson

Director of Advanced Beauty Clinic

Helena Benson has been practising natural and aesthetic medicine in London since 1989. For 25 years she has been working from her practice and during that period has treated well over 10 000 patients. For many years she worked from Harley street and Hale clinic and at the end of 1990s she opened Advanced Beauty Clinic in North London which was nominated for “Customer Excellence Award” in 2007.

In the past Helena Benson had attended many beauty shows in UK and abroad including Professional Beauty, Olympia Beauty and Beauty UK. Dermal fillers, permanent makeup and skin peels may be the best alternative to invasive surgery. Becoming increasingly popular these treatments (known as lunchtime cosmetics) can become part of your grooming routine, like going to the hairdresser, doing your nails, or even buying new clothes. 

Fixing lines on your face, may not necessarily fix your life. But wouldn’t it be nice to look into the mirror and see yourself looking back, as you were 10 years ago? A desire to improve your appearance is not about vanity. It’s about confidence and your self-esteem. If looking good makes you feel better, then why not invest in Beautiful You?