Face lift with PDO Threads – from £350

Facial threads is a new non-invasive face lift technique that restores youthful definition to your face, neck and jawline without surgery. Its a great addition to wrinkle fillers and botox, which helps to achieve younger looking face.

Threads are placed in position into the dermal layer to tighten the skin and at the same time to stimulate collagen growth. They are totally reabsorbable and their effects lasts upto one and half years. Approved only for use by doctors who have been specially trained, the sutures are placed carefully under the skin using a needle.

Before treatment the skin is anaesthetised to minimise the pain. Once the threads are inserted under the skin, which takes about 40 minutes, they pull sagging skin of the jaw line by repositioning the tissue and giving the face lifted look. The results of this procedure can be instant and improve over the next few weeks because of the collagen production in the treated area.

At the Advanced Beauty Clinic we use the latest PDO self dissolving threads as well as Silhouette Soft threads, developed in the USA.