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Skin Biorevitalisation

Skin Biorevitalisation - from £200

Disposable sterile product that belongs to the new concept of regenerative medicine: it allows to promote cell turnover, improve skin elasticity and hydration and heal sun damaged skin, photoaging and some scars. 

The polynucleotide chain, in addition to attracting water molecules, has an anti-free radical action, acting as a scavenger of OH hydroxyl radicals which tend to accumulate as a result of stress, cell damage, external agents such as UV rays. The moisturizing action and anti-free radical activity help to create an optimal environment for the growth of fibroblasts, helping to restore the elasticity of the tissues. 

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Nucleotides of this product have a strong antioxidant action, they  protect and reduce  damage caused by UV radiation and ageing.

Macromolecules are also capable of carrying out an immediate “scavenger” action against free radicals. Polynucleotides are important tools available to regenerative medicine to counteract the aging processes: skin revitalization is activated by the main players involved in the development of the dermis, the fibroblasts and stem cells.

Aquashine PTX is an innovative anti-age hyaluronic acid filler with biomimetic peptides. The high quality of hyaluronic acid and biomimetic peptides is designed to be safe with no-adverse effect and are biodegradable in the body. Aquashine PTX is ideal to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds and to restore the shape of the face. The product is an ideal solution for mature skin in treatments for face and tissue remodelling.

Biorevitalisation is recommended to repeat at least 3 times one month apart.